Programas de capacitación sobre centros de datos


Los programas acreditados de capacitación sobre centros de datos del Uptime Institute son su llave para obtener los conocimientos prácticos necesarios para tener y operar los modernos centros de datos actuales.

Investing in accredited data center training from Uptime Institute helps increase the knowledge base of your team, improve operational efficiency, and reduce business risk by ensuring that operations follow best practices for tier certification standards.

Participants are led by our data center professionals and are taught the same best practices that we use in our data center consulting services.

Participants will emerge from the training as experts in the field who understand how to align and support data center infrastructure and operations with the uptime mission of the organization.

Data Center Training Program Overview:

Each of our three core data center training programs is designed to allow students to start with the essential knowledge they need to do their current jobs and then grow in their ability to meet more demanding challenges over time.

Once enrolled in a specific training program,  trainees complete initial courses that will give them base-level tier accreditation for their role.

From there, students can continue their education and gain “Professional” and then “Expert” designations by completing additional data center training courses within their program.

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Accredited Data Center Tier Certification Training Programs

Uptime Institute offers data center education and training programs along three tracks, focused on data center design, management and operations. By choosing a program that matches your data center position, you will go through a series of courses that will enable you to run your data center to the standards of Uptime Institute’s Tier Classifications.


Data Center Tier Designer

Descripción general del programa

The Accredited Tier Designer program provides instruction to licensed, professional data center engineers, designers and project managers in design management roles on practical application of the Uptime Institute Tier Data Center Design Standards.

Who Should Enroll

Ingenieros registrados
Gerentes de proyecto senior de equipos de diseño y construcción
Representantes de ingeniería sénior del propietario del proyecto
Ingenieros profesionales con una función de gestión de diseño

Data Center Tier Specialist

Descripción general del programa

The Accredited Tier Specialist program provides instruction for the data center management team directly responsible for data center’s uptime. Training is centered around Uptime Institute Tiers Standards as well as the importance of staffing, training, planning and operations of data center infrastructure.

Who Should Enroll

Arquitectos Gerentes de proyecto
Profesionales de diseño no certificados Asesores
Constructores/contratistas generales Ingenieros de ventas
Arquitectos de red Arquitectos de empresa

Data Center Operations Specialist

Descripción general del programa

The Accredited Operations Specialist program provides instruction to achieve a complete understanding of the concepts and criteria to develop a comprehensive world class Management & Operations program for a critical facility.

Who Should Enroll

Operadores de instalaciones críticas Gerentes de Operaciones Profesionales
Gerentes de Instalaciones de Centro de Datos  Gerentes de proyecto
 Asesores  Arquitectos de red
 Arquitectos de empresa  

Training & Education for Data Center Professional Development

Los estudiantes inscritos en cualquiera de los programas anteriores recibirán capacitación intensiva por parte de los profesionales de proyectos actuales en el Uptime Institute.

These courses provide that needed experiential knowledge and foundation understanding of what it takes to build and maintain a reliable data center infrastructure that meets the needs of the business.

Whether you are a data center designer, operator, or IT business manager; fully accredited courses are available from Uptime Institute to meet your specific needs.

Successful completion of any of these courses provides the graduate with the world-renowned accreditation certificate which demonstrates your commitment to data center excellence.

Once certified, you will join an alumni network of over 3000 graduates around the world.

En el caso de aquellos estudiantes que deseen continuar avanzando y obtener otros niveles de experiencia y profundidad de contenido a través de cursos avanzados adicionales, el Uptime Institute ofrece credenciales de dos niveles más: profesional y experto.

Los cursos de capacitación de Uptime Institute califican para créditos de CPD

Uptime Institute ha obtenido la acreditación CPD a través de la Oficina de estándares CPD.

La acreditación CPD significa que tomar cursos de capacitación acreditados de Uptime Institute califica como créditos de educación continua para obtener y mantener certificaciones profesionales y designaciones asociadas con su profesión.

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Uptime Institute offers online and in-person data center training and education.

In-person training courses are held in over 30 cities worldwide, so that you can take your data center education to the next level.

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Únase a la red profesionales de centro de datos graduados más grande del mundo


Miles de graduados de países de todo el mundo han acudido al Uptime Institute para hacer crecer su negocio y avanzar su desarrollo profesional.

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