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La Red de Uptime Institute ofrece una valiosa interacción entre iguales (peer-to-peer) y un foro seguro para compartir conocimientos a través de numerosos eventos de la Red y a lo largo de todo el año.

Consulte el calendario que aparece a la derecha para conocer la programación de eventos más reciente.
The Uptime Institute Network is a real-time, peer-to-peer interaction openly discussing best practices, fails, and saves to identify and solve new and known issues.

The Network conferences deliver an unparalleled opportunity to collaborate with your peers and industry professionals on challenging data center management issues, emerging technology and disruptive forces that impact your data center availability.

The program will include content, actionable insight, expertise and real-world experiences from your fellow Network members and Uptime Institute staff. Sessions and discussions will address a range of topics of highest interest to data center professionals.

Don’t miss this opportunity to interact with your industry peers and draw on one another’s experiences, expertise and commitment to attaining 100% uptime.

Upcoming Network Event Details

North American Spring Conference - Omaha, NE

Fechas: 23 a 25 de abril de 2018
Ubicación: Omaha, Nebraska

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Calendario de la red


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