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Nadie entiende las demandas y los retos de llevar adelante un centro de datos como las personas que lo hacen todos los días.

Uptime Institute Membership es la comunidad más importante de profesionales usuarios finales responsables del desarrollo, la gestión y la operación de infraestructura y sistemas de centros de datos.

Uptime Institute Membership members participate in a number of events in varying formats throughout the year, from frequent virtual events including roundtable discussions and webinars to flagship Network conferences that bring together Uptime Institute Members twice a year in their own region for an in-person multi-day knowledge sharing and networking event.

View our upcoming events schedule below, join an upcoming webinar, or click here to learn more about Uptime Institute Membership and inquire about joining us as a guest at an upcoming event.

Upcoming Membership Events

Intelligence Reports

Uptime Institute Intelligence reports provide an in-depth look into trends and topics impacting the digital infrastructure industry.

Resiliency of stateful Applications in the cloud
Q2 2023
Data destruction: Environmental impact v. secure disposal
Q2 2023
Análisis anual de cortes 2023
Q1 2023
Cloud concentration risks
Q1 2023
Five digital infrastructure issues for 2023
Q1 2023
Digital infrastructure: AI and automated operations
diciembre de 2022
Sustainability strategies in colocation
noviembre de 2022
How resiliency drives cloud carbon emissions
octubre de 2022
Encuesta global sobre centros de datos de Uptime Institute 2022
septiembre de 2022
Electromagnetic pulse and its threat to data centers
agosto de 2022
IT efficiency: the critical core of digital sustainability
julio de 2022
Public cloud costs versus resiliency: stateless applications
julio de 2022
The coming era of direct liquid cooling: it’s when, not if
junio de 2022
Reducing the energy footprint
mayo de 2022
Tackling greenhouse gases
mayo de 2022

In-Person Conferences &
Virtual Briefings

In-Person Conferences & Virtual Briefings offer members an opportunity to experience a number of presentations and discussions on relevant industry topics and engage with Uptime Institute personnel either in-person or in a remote setting.
Latin America Briefing (in Spanish)
13 de junio de 2023
India, Middle East, Africa Briefing
23 de mayo de 2023
China Briefing
20 de abril de 2023
North America Conference
18 de abril de 2023
Brazil Briefing (in Portuguese)
24 de marzo de 2023
Europe Conference
14 de marzo de 2023
China – Q4 2022
15 de diciembre de 2022
EMEA – Q4 2022
8 de diciembre de 2022
North America Fall Member Conference
11-12 de octubre de 2022
Napa, CA, US
Europe – Q2 2022
22 de junio de 2022
Americas – Q2 2022
21 de junio de 2022
APAC – 1H 2022
17 de mayo de 2022
Latin America - 1H 2022
19 de abril de 2022
China – 1H 2022
12 de abril de 2022
Europe – Q1 2022
23 de marzo de 2022
Americas – Q1 2022
22 de marzo de 2022


Uptime Institute roundtables are attendee-driven discussions on industry-specific topics, which focus on the sharing of experiences and knowledge of the participants on each call.
Li-ion UPSs are on fire: sharing views around thermal runaway risks and mitigation strategies
29 de marzo de 2023
10:00 GMT
Supply Chain: Latest updates and considerations
15 de marzo de 2023
10:00 GMT
Management of Scope 3 Emissions – the good, the bad and the ugly
1 de marzo de 2023
12:00 p. m. EST
Meeting the data center demands of the enterprise
22 de febrero de 2023
10:00 GMT
Is now the time for nuclear?
8 de febrero de 2023
12:00 p. m. EST
Commissioning - it is critical to achieving sustainability (in Spanish)
2 de febrero de 2023
10:00 a. m. CST
Energy prices & Security
25 de enero de 2023
10:00 GMT
AI/Automation in the data center
18 de enero de 2023
10:00 GMT
Opportunities to increase renewable energy across the data center meter
11 de enero de 2023
12:00 p. m. EST
Resiliency and mitigating risk on the journey to hybrid IT and multi-cloud
21 de diciembre de 2022
10:00 GMT
Capital Projects in the New Normal
1 de diciembre de 2022
12:00 p. m. EST US

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