Certificación Tier

Descripción general de la Certificación Tier

Hoy en día, todas las organizaciones confían en una compleja interconexión de recursos digitales para el ciclo de vida de su negocio y el desempeño fiscal. Shareholders and stakeholders demand that their data center infrastructure investments are well defined and fully supported, as millions of dollars are at risk if the wrong choices are made.

Uptime Institute’s Tier Standards are the globally recognized standard for data center availability and overall performance. It allows for various performance levels that consider both the built environment, as well as the approach and performance of the operations team.  

While Uptime Tier Standards define the topology and operational sustainability performance requirements for each Tier Classification, Tier Certification verifies the application of the Tier Standard to ensure the facility is designed, constructed and operated to those specifications.

Uptime developed 
Tier Certification over 25 years ago to measure how well a data center can meet the needs of an organization. Since then, these certifications have gained worldwide recognition and provide a mark of excellence unique to high-performing businesses. With organization-specific, component-level and performance-based evaluations, as well as extremely thorough and unbiased site visits, few programs can match the caliber of Uptime's certification.

With over 2,800 Tier Certifications issued in over 114 countries around the globe, Uptime Tier Certification is the industry standard for design, construction, and on-going operations.

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Understanding Tier Classifications

Tier Certification certifies your site to one of four Tier Classifications, ranging from Tier I through Tier IV. A data center’s Tier Classification is aligned to the requirements defined in the Uptime Tier Standard specifications. The Tier Standards are an unbiased set of infrastructure and operating criteria, unique and well-known in the industry for their rigor and comprehensiveness. 

Tier I
Basic Capacity

Site-wide shutdowns are required for maintenance or repair work. Capacity or distribution failures will impact the site.

Tier II
Redundant Capacity Components

Site-wide shutdowns for maintenance are still required. Capacity failures may impact the site. Distribution failures will impact the site.

Tier III
Concurrently Maintainable

Each and every capacity component and distribution path in a site can be removed on a planned basis for maintenance or replacement without impacting operations. The site is still exposed to an equipment failure or operator error.

Tier IV
Fault Tolerant

An individual equipment failure or distribution path interruption will not impact operations. A Fault Tolerant site is also Concurrently Maintainable.

The Milestones of Tier Certification

Tier Certification of Design Documents

El diseño de un centro de datos requiere una planificación significativa. Las empresas deben establecer las ubicaciones de los servidores, las fuentes de alimentación principal y de contingencia, las rutas de la network, los equipos de refrigeración, la gestión de cables y las medidas de seguridad requeridas. This process is an undertaking that most businesses cannot reliably perform in-house, creating worrisome financial risks for investors should any design mistakes slip past.

Uptime's Tier Certification of Design Documents (TCDD) positions data center projects for success from the earliest stages by applying standardized goals and methodology. Uptime offers professional data center design certification to businesses looking to maximize the effectiveness of their facilities, while also ensuring the proposed design meets their intended Tier objective.

Tier Certification of Constructed Facility

Tier Certification of Constructed Facility (TCCF) ensures that your facility has been constructed as designed and verifies that it is capable of meeting the defined performance requirements. Common construction phase practices and value engineering proposals can inadvertantly compromise the design intent of a data center.

Al contar con varios proveedores, subcontratistas y generalmente más de 50 disciplinas diferentes involucradas en cualquier proyecto de un centro de datos: estructurales, eléctricas, HVAC, fontanería, bombas de combustible, conexión en red y más, sería notable que no hubiese errores ni riesgos no intencionados durante el proceso de construcción. La Tier Certification of Constructed Facility garantiza que su instalación se construye según los objetivos de capacidad de rendimiento, eficacia y fiabilidad. 

Tier Certification of Operational Sustainability

Uptime Tier Certification of Operational Sustainability (TCOS) provides Tier Certified data center owners, operators, and managers with an assessment of the prioritized behaviors and risks intrinsic to data center operations and serves as an essential guide for effective and efficient operations. This certification ensures your well designed and expertly constructed data center is operated in a manner which will result in the expected production levels.

Owners and operators that earn the Tier Certification of Operational Sustainability have demonstrated their ability to plan for non-stop production to continue throughout all normal operating conditions. 

Tier Certification Scope

The Tier Standard specification documents are the basis for the Tier Certification process. We have included a summary of key evaluation components below, but please download the specifications for additional details on the components assessed during the certification process. 
  • Sistemas eléctricos
  • Structural Factors
  • Características de la construcción
  • Sistemas mecánicos
  • Management & Operations (M&O)
  • Ubicación del sitio
  • Producción de energía en el sitio
  • Occupational Safety
  • Physical Security
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Agua de reposición
  • Ambient Design Conditions
  • Distribution Paths
  • Battery Performance & Storage
  • Critical Spaces
  • Outdoor Environment
  • Electrical Power Backbone
  • Commissioning Documentation
  • Fire Protection
  • Gestión de capacidad

The Tier Standard Approach

The Uptime Tier Standard establishes a consistent set of performance criteria that can be satisfied, and adjudicated worldwide.  This performance-based approach is flexible to changes in the industry.  The six characteristics below identify how the Tier Standard differs from other standards in the industry. 

Globally Recognized

Our Tier Standard is the IT industry's most trusted and adopted global standard for data center design, construction, and operations. We've issued over 2,800 certifications in over 114 countries.

Technology Neutral

en un panorama tecnológico que siempre está cambiando, la clasificación Tier no requiere ni se basa en ningún conjunto fijo de tecnologías. The Standards are able to accomodate new and innovative solutions for data center systems and engineering, such as modular configurations, OCP, and leading-edge power and cooling approaches.

Performance Based

Tier Standards se basa en el desempeño, no es normativo. Any design solution that meets the availability, redundancy, and fault tolerance requirements is acceptable. Esta libertad le permite incorporar una amplia variedad de soluciones de infraestructura y sistema para cumplir mejor los objetivos de su organización en cuanto a operaciones de TI, costos, sustentabilidad y tiempo de actividad.

Vendor Agnostic

Uptime is an independent services organization without any affinity to hardware or brand. Esto permite que los criterios de Tier Standard sean neutrales en cuanto a proveedores e imparciales.


The performance-based nature of the Tier Standards gives organizations flexibility to comply with local statutes, codes, and regulations without compromising their Tier Classification. 


While Tier Standards define the requirements, Tier Certification verifies the application of the Tier Standard to ensure the facility is designed, constructed and operated to the the requirements outlined in the Tier Standards. 

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We have issued over 2,800 certifications in over 114 countries — a testament to the level of global respect that Tier Certification has achieved as an industry standard for design, construction and operations.

From rural to urban locations and everywhere in between, organizations worldwide showcase their commitment to data center excellence with Tier Certification from Uptime Institute. 

Visit our Uptime Institute Awards site to find Tier Certified data centers near you. 
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