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Today's enterprises are responsible for maximizing performance and minimizing risk across a complicated IT estate.  

Many enterprises today rely on critical services that are spread across a number of owned and operated data centers, colocation providers, public and private cloud providers, SaaS services and edge sites. 

These complex dependencies on remote sites, technology partners and third-party services creates business risk.  Risk that is often difficult to identify, before it is too late.

Uptime Institute has spent over two decades assessing risk across digital infrastructures.  Our team has unique perspective into enterprise and third-party risk.  We have the experience to identify points of risk in a single site or across a portfolio of owned-and-operated and third-party IT sites and services.  

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Recognizing the growing regulatory requirement and the adoption of more complex hybrid IT infrastructures by the FSI community, Uptime Institute has introduced the SCIRA-FSI assessment to help financial sector organizations assess the operational resilience of their critical infrastructure across enterprise-owned data centers, multi-tenant data center service providers, cloud, IT, and managed service providers.

Uptime Institute brought together over 20 premier financial institutions from across the world to form its Program Design Partners and build a standardized approach to help the sector better assess and mitigate outages.

Evaluación de resiliencia de infraestructura digital

Muchas organizaciones tienen infraestructuras complejas que comprenden varios centros de datos, instalaciones compartidas y la nube. Aunque estas infraestructuras ofrecen nuevas capacidades, la distribución generalizada de sus servicios empresariales de TI principales a través de estructuras híbridas puede reducir considerablemente el nivel de control y visibilidad disponible.

Nuestra evaluación de resiliencia de infraestructura digital brinda al personal y a los ejecutivos de TI una evaluación exhaustiva de los riesgos y del desempeño previsto de los servicios críticos que abarcan los centros de datos, las instalaciones compartidas y la nube.


Between hosted, enterprise, colocation and cloud solutions, your business can choose from many IT deployment methods. However, weighing the advantages and drawbacks and considering factors such as stakeholder priority lead to a difficult decision-making situation.

Uptime Institute launched Financial, Opportunity, Risk, Compliance, Sustainability and Service Quality — or FORCSS® — as a data center deployment consulting service to help data centers understand their options and make the best choice by comparing potential impacts.

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