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Facility Security Assessment

Facility Security is an important component in the strategic review of any data center to determine its physical safety and security to ensure that it can support the needs of the business.

Uptime Institute's Facility Security Assessment evaluation criteria and evaluation methodology are drawn from Uptime Institute’s Tier Standards, and extensive field experience gained by working with thousands of data centers around the globe, and insights gained from the analysis of the world’s largest knowledgebase of data center incidents and outages gathered over multiple decades.

Following the Uptime Institute Tier Standard methodology, the assessment thoroughly examines the existing physical security components and their function within the critical facility topology and related operational plans associated with it, and then articulates in a report with an unbiased assessment of the structure’s physical security standing and attributes. The assessment includes recommendations for mitigation and remediation of any gaps in order to align the site’s infrastructure and operations with the business requirements.

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Components of Our Facility Security Assessment

Security and Access

  • Controlled access to all computer rooms and support spaces
  • Controlled building access
  • Periodic review of access
  • Controlled site access

Physical Facility Systems and Features

  • Fencing
  • Doors and windows
  • Gates
  • Bollards – including NFPA codes for removal or collapse
  • Physical layering
  • Cameras – including type, number, location, recording procedures and archiving

Electronic Security Systems

  • Access control systems
  • Systems monitoring
  • Badging management systems

Security Policies and Procedures

  • Review of documents covering policies and procedures to ensure they are comprehensive and complete

Security Staff and Training

  • Review of documents to ensure the security policies are covered in employee training and related materials

Ensuring the Safety and Security of your Data Center

Uptime Institute’s Facility Security Assessment provides peace of mind, making sure that the data center is physically secure in all building aspects. The assessment is based on some of the principles described in Uptime Institute’s Tier Standard: Operational Sustainability and was created to support extensive customer demand for the program.

This assessment builds on the physical security component in the M&O Stamp of Approval and the Tier Certification of Operational Sustainability in greater detail with a specific focus on the physical security of the building to identify and mitigate risk.

The assessment looks beyond the standard “man trap” access, expanding into all access points along with cameras, locations and recording as well as security accesses and policies throughout the facility.

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Uptime Institute offers professional services designed to provide you with expert guidance for the design, operation and management of your data center. A Facility Security Assessment is one of the many ways we can help.

In addition to the Facility Security Assessment, we also have the ability to provide Data Center Tier Certification, data center risk assessments, management and operations program assessments and education for engineers, architects and data center managers.

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