Accredited Operations Professional Curriculum

This course will be delivered over 5 half-days, culminating in a proctored examination. Consulte el Cronograma para conocer más información de fechas y lugares.

Las sesiones y los temas son los siguientes:

Session 1—Key Concepts of Operations Strategy

  • Strategy vs. governance vs. management
  • IT dependence
  • Digital portfolios and IT environments
  • Moving from governance to management

Session 2—Advanced Portfolio Operations Governance

  • Organizational objectives and commitments
  • Organizational factors and limitations
  • Environmental factors and limitations

Session 3—Portfolio Governance – Translating Strategy into Initiatives

  • Assessing sites and environments
  • Topology assessment
  • Operational assessment

Session 4—Leadership, Culture, and Sustainability

  • Leadership
  • Organización
  • Activities, roles, and job descriptions
  • Creating a culture of excellence

Session 5—Initiatives at the portfolio level

  • Portfolio training management
  • Portfolio change management

Session 6—Deep-Dive Initiative Part 1 – Improving IT Efficiency

  • IT effectiveness, efficiency, and cost
  • IT efficiency initiative – moving beyond PUE
  • Eficiencia de TI
  • Case studies

Session 7—Deep-Dive Initiative Part 2 – “Selling” the Efficient IT Initiative

  • Costs of doing nothing
  • Sample business case

Session 8—Translating Initiatives into Plans and Actions

  • Efficient IT chargeback
  • Key steps to planning and implementation
  • Establishing a baseline
  • Working session on chargeback

Session 9—Implementing Initiatives with KPIs

  • Defining KPIs
  • Defining effective KPIs
  • KPIs for efficient IT initiatives
  • KPIs for operations management

Session 10—Integrated Monitoring and Governance Initiatives

  • DCIM as an integrated monitoring tool
  • Applying FORCSS to DCIM acquisition

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