Innovaciones en energía para centros de datos: Potencia definida por software y optimización energética

Software-Defined Power and Energy Optimization for Data Centers

In the field of data center power, software tools play many roles, including data collection, analyzing power quality, switching loads and tracking energy use. Software-defined power, like the broader software-defined data center, is about creating a layer of abstraction that makes it easier to continuously match power resources with changing data center needs.

This 8-page report, produced by Uptime Institute Research in conjunction with 451 Research, investigates the business drivers, core technology and barriers to adoption of software-defined power in data centers.

Note: This report was created by Uptime Institute Research in conjunction with 451 Research and is available, along with many other tools and professional development resources, to Inside Track members.  To learn more about Inside Track or to request a preview of Inside Track's global peer community for Data Center and IT Professionals, visit

Key areas and themes discussed in this report


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  • Definition of key terms related to software-defined power including data center energy optimization, data center power management, data center energy management, data center microgrids and more
  • What factors are driving the adoption of software-defined power, including CAPEX and OPEX cost reductions, increased availability and more flexibility around power sources and routing
  • Barriers to adoption of software-defined power including identification of criticality of services, integration requirements with DCIM, ITSM and Virtualization and overall SPD complexity
  • Uptime Institute Research and 451 Research's Inside View on the current state and future path for software-defined power technologies

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