Muestra de clientes: Green Mountain
“Tier Certification has proven critical in many of our client’s decisions to move to Green Mountain. In addition to the importance of the certification itself, the process of the certification helped us to continue to professionalize and streamline our operations.”

"We believe that the future will dictate that a quality data centre provider will have their data centres and their operational processes certified by Uptime Institute."
Svein Atle Hagaseth
Jefe de Ventas, Green Mountain
The ChallengeNorway’s Green Mountain designs, builds and operates high security, wholesale colocation data centres. Uno de los operadores más grandes en este sector con clientes en Finanzas, TI, Gobierno, Salud y Petróleo y Gas, la empresa está ubicada en Stavanger y Telemark, Noruega, con nuevos planes de crecimiento. Green Mountain targets the high-end data centre market, primarily companies requiring high availability, high-quality services. Green Mountain needed to clearly illustrate to those customers and prospects what it means to be high-quality and high availability, for those customers requiring 100% uptime for their mission-critical operations.
Centro de datos de Green Mountain
La Solución

Green Mountain operates two Uptime Institute Tier III certified data centres in Norway, both on 100% low-cost renewable power. The two data centres, DC1-Stavanger and DC2-Telemark were the first Nordic colocation facilities to achieve Uptime Institute Tier III certification. The Stavanger data centre is built deep inside a mountain in a former high-security NATO ammunition storage facility on the west coast of Norway. The data centre benefits from free cooling from the adjacent fjord, achieving world-class efficiency. At the same time, it leverages abundant access to low cost, renewable hydropower. El centro de datos en Telemark (DC2-Telemark) se encuentra en Rjukan en la región de Telemark y en el corazón de la producción de energía hidroeléctrica noruega. Existen seis centrales eléctricas en las inmediaciones, lo que lo convierte en el punto de energía más fuerte en Europa. Through the data centres and by partnering with high-quality providers, Green Mountain aims to offer even better value to customers and provide efficient and sustainable choices for colocation – green colocation.

Green Mountain obtuvo la Tier III Certification of Constructed Facility para seguir validando y respaldando las demandas de alta disponibilidad para sus clientes. Querían asegurarse de que trabajaron con el equipo de expertos de Uptime Institute para documentar sus procesos y entender cualquier escenario que pudiera presentarse, y cómo abordar cualquier problema.

“High quality means Uptime Institute Tier Certification. We are not only saying we have very good data centres, we back it up.”

“The Uptime Institute Tier Standard is the only standard worldwide that certified data centre infrastructure to this level of quality. We prove our quality through Uptime Institute”
Svein Atle HagasethSvein Atle Hagaseth
Jefe de Ventas, Green Mountain
Centro de datos de Green Mountain
El resultado Green Mountain considera que la Certificación Tier III de Uptime Institute aumenta su capacidad para:

  • Appeal to high-end customers and improve competitive positioning in the market by differentiating the company’s sustainability, strength and proven methodology
  • Attain further operational efficiencies within the facilities, improving performance, efficiency, and reliability of critical infrastructure

“Any customer with mission-critical data should require their suppliers to be Tier Certified by Uptime Institute. This is the only way for a customer to know that their data centre is built and operated to secure the high level of quality that customers need,” said Svein Atle Hagaseth, CSO, Green Mountain

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