Equilibrio entre medidas de seguridad, inversión en infraestructura y tiempo de inactividad

Balancing Life Safety, Infrastructure Investment, and Downtime

One-third of organizations allow maintenance activities on energized electrical equipment at voltage levels that could cause health or human-safety consequences. Accidents, including shock and arc flash, can derail data center operations and cause serious harm to workers and equipment.

This research report was produced by Uptime Institute Research and is available, along with many other in-depth reports to Uptime Institute Network members.

In this report, the Uptime Institute Research team addresses top concerns and challenges of working with energized equipment in data centers, including:

  • Regulations around electrical safety in the workplace
  • How to assess risk when working with energized electrical equipment
  • Best practices to balance life safety, infrastructure investment, and downtime in your critical facilities

Download The Report

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