Clasificación de la gravedad de las interrupciones de Uptime Institute

The Outage Severity Rating (OSR) was developed by Uptime Institute to help the digital infrastructure industry better distinguish between a service outage that threatens the business and an interruption that has little or no impact.

Uptime Institute's Intelligence group studies publicly reported outages to understand what causes unplanned downtime and the effects of service interruptions. The number of outages reported by the media has climbed steadily year on year, from 27 in our first year of reporting (2016) to 163 in 2019.

OSR de Uptime Institute ayudará a la comunidad relacionada con infraestructura digital y centros de datos a entender y articular mejor las interrupciones del servicio en el contexto de la forma en que cada incidente afecta al negocio.

The OSR provides infrastructure practitioners a common lexicon to use in forming their own service delivery capacity strategies and describing their own outages in terms of business impacts, rather than referencing outages based upon the number of physical infrastructure components involved.

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Una metrica para clasificar la gravedad y el impacto de las interrupciones

Although there are various ways to categorize the mission criticality of various systems as a planning tool for disaster recovery and availability/redundancy investments, there is no Beaufort scale for measuring the severity/impact of outages.

Dicha clasificación es claramente útil. For example, the effect of losing access to a human resources system for two weeks might be frustrating but negligible, even in large organizations, while a 5-minute loss of a currency trading system could be near catastrophic to the business.

For classifying the impact of publicly reported outages, Uptime Institute has created a five-level Outage Severity Rating as outlined below.

Clasificación de la gravedad de las interrupciones de Uptime Institute
Las infraestructuras híbridas entregan servicios de negocios a un nivel designado de capacidad que se basa en todos los componentes disponibles. Historically, use of the term “outage” reflected a binary state of service delivery. As the IT industry continues to leverage hybrid infrastructure designs, the definition and scope of outages must change as well. This rating method provides a lexicon to quantify outages and their impact to business.
Andy Lawrence
“La concientización pública de las interrupciones se ha hecho más pronunciada a medida que su número aumenta año tras año. En la mayoría de los casos, nos cuesta entender la naturaleza y magnitud real de la interrupción, ya que la mayoría de los profesionales aún se basan en la cantidad de equipo afectado en la infraestructura para calificar la gravedad de una interrupción”.
Andy Lawrence, director ejecutivo de Investigación, Uptime Institute

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